Corporate plans and reports 

Water Security Program
Our blueprint for managing water over the next 30 years, within the guidelines set by the Department of Energy and Water Supply.

Released on 24 March 2017:

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Corporate profile | Download [3MB]
An overview of our core operations and activities, and also includes a map of our major assets.

Water Outlook

Seqwater Strategic Plan 2016-2021 | Download [3MB]
Sets out our strategic direction, purpose and key priorities.

Annual Report 2015-16 | Download [5MB]
The annual report details the non-financial and financial performance of Seqwater during the 2015-16 financial year. 

Operational Plan 2015-16 | Download [2MB]
The Seqwater Operational Plan is the performance agreement between us and our responsible Ministers. The plan sets out our financial and non-financial performance targets for the year, together with the major activities, objectives, undertakings, policies, investments and borrowings of Seqwater for 2015-16.

Statement of Obligations | Download [3MB] 
Outlines the overarching obligations of Seqwater in meeting the expectations, expressed as guiding principles, of the responsible Queensland Government Ministers. The Statement has been issued under the South East Queensland Water (Restructuring) Act 2007. It states Seqwater’s core business and area of operations as defined in the Water Act (2000). 

Queensland Bulk Water Supply Authority - Performance Report 2015-16 | Download [100kb]
Our annual report on the performance reporting framework against key performance indicators (KPIs), as per the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008.

Development GuidelinesDownload [3MB]
More information is available on our catchment planning page.

Policy Statements | Download all [500kb]
Our policy statements outline our commitment to the areas of:

Bulk Water Supply Code | Download [3MB] 
Administered by Department of Energy and Water Supply, regulates the supply of bulk services such as the supply of water and water services, between Code-regulated Entities (e.g. Council and council-owned service providers).

The VCM is used to calculate the cost of providing a Bulk Service to an un-metered Bulk Supply Point. The VCM may be reviewed if requested by a Code-regulated Entity and Seqwater will undertake consultation with affected Code-regulated entities prior to making any amendment to the VCM.

Flood manuals and emergency plans

Flood operations manuals

Manual of Operational Procedures for Flood Mitigation at Wivenhoe Dam and Somerset Dam Revision 14 (November 2016) | Download [5MB]

Manual of Operational Procedures for Flood Mitigation at North Pine Dam Revision 9 (November 2014) | Download [5MB]

Emergency Action Plans for Referable Dams

We have an approved action plan for each of our referable dams. You can download them from the Department of Energy and Water Supply’s website.

Flood reports
We provide flood reports to the State Government’s Dam Regulator following a flood event.

View reports from previous flood events on our archive page.

Drinking Water Quality Management Plan (DWQMP) reports

DWQMP Regular Audit Report - May 2016

2015-16 DWQMP Annual Report

View our archive page for annual reports from previous years.

Management plans

Wyaralong Dam Estuarine Ecological Management Plan Annual Report | Download [8MB]

In accordance with the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation approval for operation of the Wyaralong Dam (ref: 2006/3157), Seqwater are required to publish the annual report for the Wyaralong Dam Estuarine Ecological Management Plan (EEMP). The report documents as a review of the monitoring data collected in 2012. Based on the indicators assessed in 2011 and 2012, no detrimental changes in physical, chemical or ecological conditions in the Logan River estuary or southern Moreton Bay were attributable to the Wyaralong Dam construction or operation.

Banksia Beach - Borefield Environmental Management Plan Download [5MB]

In accordance with the approval (ref: 2007/3396) issued under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (1999), for the Bribie Island Water Treatment Plant and Borefield, Seqwater is required to publish the Borefield Environmental Management Plan. 

Bribie Island Borefield - Annual Compliance Report - 2015-2016  |  Download [8MB]

In accordance with the approval (ref: 2007/3396) issued under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999,  this annual compliance report is the second compliance report on the operation and management of the Banksia Beach Water Treatment Plant and Borefield under the Borefield Environmental Management Plan (BEMP). This report addresses compliance with the conditions of approval between the 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016.

Corporate reporting